Find the Right Fencing for your Ranch

If you’ve got cattle, horses, goats, or other animals on your farm or ranch, you know how essential the right fencing is in keeping your animals safe and healthy. There are a wide variety of portable or permanent fencing, but fencing options can vary depending on your overall goal and what animals you are trying to contain. No matter what material, good fencing for your farmland or ranchland must have a physical and visual barrier.

For cattle, there are three fencing types that would work well: barbed wire, woven wire and high tensile smooth wire. High-tensile systems are gaining popularity in recent years, however, barbed and woven have been commonly used for decades. High tensile fencing is becoming more popular because it is easier to handle than woven or barbed wire and requires fewer posts, it has no barbs to injure livestock, it has a longer life and low maintenance needs, it is easily electrified, and it is less expensive for most applications than barbed or woven wire fences. Cattle are notorious for destroying fences due to their tendency to rub against it for belly rubs or even to scratch an itch. A strand of barbed wire or electrical wire along the top of a fence can prevent cattle from leaning to far over the fence and risking damage.

Horses need a fence that is strong enough to allow impacts and can gently push the horse back from the rail. The fence should also be highly visible so the horse doesn’t run into it and become tangled. Wood fences or PVC are ideal for visibility, but they can be expensive and require a lot of maintenance. Other options include woven and smooth wire fences, which are less expensive, but hard for the horses to see. The best bet is probably electric fences, which can be used by itself or in conjunction with another fence. They are inexpensive and normally keep horses at bay after one run-in.

If goats are your animal of choice, they can get through just about any fence. The best option for goats is normally goat net wire fencing. For added security, add a strand of electric wire on the interior. Having a suitable fence will keep your goats from getting tangled and will keep them happy and healthy.

Keeping your animals safe should be the main priority when choosing the right fencing for your animals. A little research and proper planning should help with making the right decision.