LANDFLIP Announces Digital Marketing Alliance with FarmLend

LANDFLIP Announces Digital Marketing Alliance with FarmLend

LANDFLIP, the premier online land for sale marketplace for connecting land buyers and sellers, has reported the addition of advertiser FarmLend, a mobile-friendly website that allows land buyers to apply online for land loans from participating Farm Credit associations across the U.S.

FarmLend offers a secure, online portal for buyers to apply for financing with FCSAmerica and move quickly on land for sale. Land loans are still closed and serviced by a local participating Farm Credit association. FarmLend can save buyer’s time, add convenience and simplify the financing process.

“Buyers and sellers of agricultural land increasingly connect online,” said Duane Maciejewski, senior vice president of emerging markets at Farm Credit Services of America. “This is transforming what buyers need and want from their lender. With FarmLend, we meet buyers where they are in the purchase process, providing tools to search for land, content and calculators to inform their decision-making and financing through a reliable lender.”

Relationships with companies like LANDFLIP are also integral to the FarmLend experience, Maciejewski added: “Part of our business strategy is to connect with land buyers when and where they conduct business, whether that is in-person or digitally. We are proud to work with companies like LANDFLIP that make it possible to meet the growing and diverse needs of buyers.”

The addition of 12 new major partners and advertisers in the last three years has been driven by massive growth and LANDFLIP continues to experience an acceleration in traffic across the LANDFLIP NETWORK, comprised of LANDFLIP and its five complementary land for sale websites, FARMFLIP, RANCHFLIP, LOTFLIP, AUCTIONFLIP, COMMERCIALFLIP. Founded in 2004, LANDFLIP has grown 50% year-over-year for the last two years.

“When the stakes are as high as with real estate, buyer access to information is tremendously important,” said Tate Reddick, vice president of LANDFLIP. “LANDFLIP not only provides a platform that delivers sought after land for sale directly to buyers, but also provides an opportunity for businesses closely affiliated with the land industry such as FarmLend to connect with buyers.”

LANDFLIP has created the tools and technology for buyers to locate their desired land and get a verified approval, so they can quickly pass that information onto their land agent and make a seamless offer.

“The presence of FarmLend on the LANDFLIP NETWORK will help ensure land buyers have more options in land financing,” said Reddick. “We are in a situation in many areas of the country where inventory is at record lows and rural land is selling at warp speed. FarmLend’s visibility on our network makes it easy for buyers to connect with FCSAmerica about their land financing needs. Connecting buyers and lenders early in the process can help buyer’s make smart, well-timed decisions about their options and help them compete more effectively in this tight land market.”

Through, buyers can use a simple, secure online form to apply for loans to purchase or refinance farmland, ranchland or pasture when it’s convenient for them. Buyers will be contacted by an experienced lending officer within three business hours to help move their application along. This includes gathering any additional information that is needed and answering any questions an applicant might have. To start a land loan through a local office, buyers can use the Farm Credit Locator to connect with a local association.

“We drew on our agricultural expertise and user input to ensure FarmLend delivers the same kind of service and dependability our customer-owners expect from us,” said Carl Horne, vice president of digital products and services at FCSAmerica.

“Every day, we help agricultural producers, investors, homeowners and recreational buyers finance agricultural land. We have data on farmland sales and values that is the most comprehensive and longest-running in our region. And we have flexible terms and payment options that recognize the unique needs of agricultural producers,” Horne added. “When you do business with FarmLend, you are doing business with a leading agricultural lender.”

Both LANDFLIP and FarmLend are excited to continue building upon their shared commitment to bring ease and flexibility to a greater share of land buyers. Land industry affiliates who want to take advantage of the traffic can benefit from LANDFLIP’s digital marketing solutions and extras that will help you stand out from the crowd. Contact LANDFLIP to learn more about advertising opportunities.


The LANDFLIP NETWORK is currently comprised of LANDFLIP and its five complementary land for sale websites, FARMFLIP, RANCHFLIP, LOTFLIP, AUCTIONFLIP, COMMERCIALFLIP and LANDTHINK, which provides land-focused knowledge and advice to land professionals, buyers and enthusiasts. Founded in 2004 and headquartered in Madison, Georgia, the LANDFLIP NETWORK offers an easy and affordable way to list, market and search for land online. Working together, these land-centric real estate websites create a stronger land community, closing the gap between buyers and sellers and laying the groundwork for more successful land transactions. For more information, please visit

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