Making Your Farm Shine through Photography

Whether you’re advertising your farm for sale, attracting visitors to tour your farm, or simply selling produce, photography plays a big role in your marketing efforts. Putting your farm in the best light will result in interesting and beautiful photos to help accomplish your goals.

Taking photographs on a farm will expose you to a variety of interesting subjects including landscapes, animals, produce, and even architecture. You know your farm better than anyone else so get started by making a list of everyday processes like planting, harvesting, birthing, and other events to help you plan better on timing for lighting purposes. Here are some more tips to help you get the perfect shot to showcase your farm.

Avoid harsh sunlight. If it’s an extra bright day, shoot your photos in a shaded area and always make sure your back is to the sun while shooting to avoid drowning out your subject. Dusk and dawn are great times to get soft lighting. An overcast day is also good for softening shadows.

Try different angles. Experiment with laying on the ground to get eye-level with livestock laying in the field, shooting up through a row of corn, or even riding on your horse or tractor to get diagonal shot when herding cows.

Pay attention to detail. Look around before taking the photo. Things can sometimes blow or wander into view. You’ll also want to avoid having things like manure, wire fencing and power lines in your photo.

Understand your flash. Using an external flash will allow you to change the angle of light. This will keep you from overexposing the photo and soften the light. Only use a flash when necessary as working in natural light is always better.

Know your camera settings. A higher or lower aperture setting affects the amount of light entering the camera lens, resulting in brighter or darker photos. If you’re shooting moving objects, set your shutter speed to a faster setting to avoid blur. For stationary objects, a slower setting will provide more clarity. Physically standing against something, if possible, will help stabilize yourself in order to get a better shot.

The power of the internet and social media are making a big difference in the amount of advertising exposure you can get when selling or inviting tourists to your farm. Be sure to use good lighting, the right angles, and a detailed eye to take photographs that will make your farm shine.