The Rundown on Ranchettes

Not all ranches are created equal. There are many Americans that dream of living the ranch life; however, actually owning and operating a full-on ranch just isn’t feasible. The good news is, there is a smaller and more pocketbook friendly alternative.

Ranchettes have been gaining popularity across the country for many years, largely on the Western side of the United States. Developed in the 1920’s, ranchettes are defined as a small ranch. It is usually a relatively large plot of land, 40 acres or less, often on the outskirts of a major metropolitan area with a house and possibly a barn on the property.

There are benefits and downfalls to consider before investing in a ranchette. We’ve broken down some facts about these specific properties.

While there are perks to owning a ranchette, there are many things to consider before purchasing any type of ranch.

Once you have all your ducks in a row, you’re ready to go. Living on a ranch of any kind has its advantages, but it’s not for everyone.