0 Things to Consider When Purchasing Equine Property

If you’re thinking about purchasing property for equine use, the list of what to look for or look out for is virtually limitless. The problems and possibilities are often as obvious as they are exceptionally latent, but regardless, it’s imperative that you identify them early on.

Land Brokers
0 Why Does Land Change Hands?

“Buy land, they aren’t making any more of the stuff.” This is the seemingly universal fact that people know about land. Everyone knows that they are supposed to buy and hold onto land, but land is constantly on the market. So why do people sell land?

Marketing Land
1 The Slippery Slope of a Price

Today I was asked about the value of a wetland. After considering the question, I sat back and thought about my frame of reference as a land broker as well as the biologist I once claimed to be.