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Land investments over time

Land Investments Over Time

The news headlines have been a real treat for landowners these past few months. Tracking news about the land industry has become increasingly easier...

The Middle Ground

The Middle Ground

There has been a lot of buzz lately about the land market. Parts of Iowa have experienced skyrocketing values in cropland; recreational land markets...

LANDTHINK Summit 2010

Get together. Get land smart!

At, our readers are constantly asking and debating about whether or not it’s the right time to sell or invest in land. The answers vary...


You Wouldn’t Like it Here

As the title of a popular book by Lon L. Emrick about Michigan’s Upper Peninsula states, You Wouldn’t Like it Here. Though I whole- heartedly...


What’s Up With Land Prices?

In Upstate, SC land prices are still up…and will probably stay there. There appears to be little impetus driving sellers to reduce prices despite...

Pulse Question

In response to the global food crisis, should the federal government allow emergency cropping on prime Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) land?


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