How and where we choose to live depends on many factors. See what land professionals and enthusiasts have to say about rural living, recreation, family values, education, health, the environment, economic challenges, global issues, and more. Get land smart!


Reclaiming Golf Courses

That old golf course is getting to be an eyesore. Those once manicured fairways are getting a little rougher than the former rough. And forget about...

Thankful for Land

Thankful for Land

During the Thanksgiving season people think about what they are most thankful for and all kinds of promotions for the Giving Season abound.

Rural Southern Living Values

Rural Southern Living Values

God, family, neighbors, country, land, and honorable work. That's the order of it. Fiercely independent and humble servants. We as partakers in the...

Pulse Question

Do you think we are in a land real estate bubble?


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