Share the Story Behind the Land

Every unique piece of land has a story to tell, and what better place to share it than with our land audience? Feature your property as Showcase Land on LANDTHINK, and let the the story behind the land do the selling.

Part of the beauty of the written word is that it comes alive on the page and brings an image to the reader’s mind. If you have a distinctive property for sale, this is your chance to grab the heart, mind, and imagination of the land community! Share the story behind your unique listing- conservation, estate, legacy, history, family, lifestyle, stewardship- and show our audience with vivid detail the same feeling you experienced when you first stepped foot on the property.

Showcase Land Qualifications

In order to qualify to be published on LANDTHINK, a property should be high-end and meet some of the following criteria:

  • Rural location
  • Historic significance
  • Unique use of land
  • Special property features
  • Value to local community

The Cason Callaway Woodland Estate is an exemplary, high-end property, and its story showcases the great history of land stewardship that dates back generations. We can all learn from one family’s success in creating a longstanding legacy of land improvement.

What’s Included

Take advantage of our one-of-a-kind Showcase Land opportunity, and you’ll get:

  • Showcase Land article published on LANDTHINK
  • Link to the listing and video or property microsite (if available)
  • Distribution of article via email and social media throughout 30 days after article is published
  • 3 months as an upgraded Showcase listing on LANDFLIP and other qualifying listing sites within the network
  • 3 months of display ads across the entire LANDFLIP NETWORK

What’s Required

Sway the odds of being chosen in your favor! Follow this checklist to ensure your Showcase Land submission climbs to the top of the pile!

  • Must be a LANDFLIP customer to qualify
  • Property must be listed on LANDFLIP
  • Property must be available at the time of publication
  • Submission must include a write-up (650 word minimum, 2000 word maximum)
  • Must include 6+ quality, hi-resolution photos (most cell phone shots are not large enough)
  • Write-up should be in Word or shared Google doc format

Share the Story

When writing about your property, keep the writer’s mantra in mind and show, don’t tell. Showing some of the property’s unique aspects can help drive home the message you want to tell potential buyers.

  • LANDTHINK reserves the right to edit/reject submission
  • Submission does not guarantee publication
  • LANDTHINK does not guarantee date of publication for approved properties

If you have a property you’d like to feature as Showcase Land on LANDTHINK, we’d love to share your story! Send us a link to your property, and we’ll let you know if it qualifies and how to submit your details.