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A Low-Risk Strategy For Buying Recreational Land

The landscape of investment types is quite broad, but if you are evaluating your investment options, buying recreational land is worth considering. Compared to other investment types, like stocks, annuities, and cryptocurrencies, land real estate is widely considered to be a low-risk investment. Recreational land is a relatively safe investment; properties will always be worth something and the market is generally steady. As an added bonus, there are plenty of ways to enjoy it as a home base for your family’s outdoor activities, even if you aren’t ready to build a cabin.

Recreational land is an investment that comes with many benefits and risks, which makes it an investment that is not for everyone. Weighing the investment benefits against the risks is essential.

Land will always have value because we simply cannot live without it. So is land a good investment? It certainly can be. It’s not something that can be reproduced or replicated, therefore, if you make a smart land investment, it can appreciate in value over time. But the key is making a smart investment.

Pat Porter, owner and broker at RecLand Realty, shares some qualities that set apart recreational land as a low risk investment in any market. Pat covers some of the major aspects that any recreational land buyer should focus on in order to achieve low risk investment and to understand where their highest risks come from.

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About the author

Pat Porter

Pat is the owner / broker for RecLand Realty. RecLand specializes in selling hunting land, timberland, farms, & ranches in LA, AR, MS, TX, IA, & MO. See their company website at

Pat, his wife, and three boys are land owners and enjoy hunting, shooting, and an outdoor lifestyle. They live in northeast Louisiana and are usually in the woods somewhere several times a week.

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