Tom Brickman

Tom Brickman helps people buy, sell and care for rural land. Located in Birmingham, Alabama, Tom has 40+ years of experience in the timberland investment & management businesses across the United States and Central America. He is a Registered Forester (and son of a forester) and Real Estate Broker.

Borrowing Money To Buy Land

Borrowing Money To Buy Land

There’s no getting around it. Buying rural land for sale takes a lot of money! At the same time, it is a good investment and a safe place to put...

Tips On Rural Land Surveys

Tips On Rural Land Surveys

Let’s say you are looking at an 80 acre tract of land for sale that has not been surveyed. Should you purchase a survey before buying? The answer is...

Pulse Question

If high inflation and interest rates persist throughout 2023, how will landowners react?


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