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Effective Marketing

Effective Marketing

When a seller decides on a course for marketing a property and decides to invest time, money, and effort into that decision, they are buying a product- an economic good that they find valuable. Likewise, when a seller hires an agent they are buying a product. Now granted they pay for the marketing and expertise that it takes to get the job done, but they are buying a path to a closed sale. Sellers don’t necessarily want marketing; they want the work to culminate in a closed sale, effectively produced.

We all have fancy ways of selling our marketing and I do my best to let sellers know about all of the different marketing avenues in which we invest. These things are the tools of our trade. However, at the end of the day, the seller wants a sold property. It doesn’t matter if the marketers have it in every magazine, 984 websites, and a flyer in every service station in town. A seller needs a buyer, and wants the marketing to bring the buyer to him, resulting in a closed sale.

Too many people lose sight of that of that fact. I’ve had sellers become disgruntled with me because we sold something too quickly… or even want to reduce my commission because I did my job too effectively. They lost sight of what they bought, by being all caught up in what they paid for. The business of how a buyer is procured should be left up to those doing the marketing, and to those who know how to do it effectively. Likewise, too many agents lose sight of the job they are hired to do. Agents are hired to sell the property. Agents are not hired to put up signs, hold open houses, video and put it on 984 websites. Real estate marketers are hired to do none of those things which are so essential to their business. None of these marketing strategies can stand alone and ultimately make a seller happy.

Effective marketing is knowing how to take all of those different aspects and put them together to accomplish a closed sale. Effective marketing is knowing which of the components to use, when to use them and where to use them to accomplish a closed sale. Effective marketing is the course of events that produces a closed sale. Effective marketing can be an agent simply making a single phone call to a potential buyer, resulting in a closed sale. Effective marketing may be exposing the property to the widest array of potential buyers in order to procure the one buyer that is needed to produce a closed sale. Effective marketing is that which accomplishes the goal of the seller. A closed sale produced effectively.

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Robert King

Robert is a Land Agent with Southeastern Land Group. He specializes in helping buyers and sellers of farms, poultry operations, and timberland throughout Alabama and Georgia. Robert is a regular contributor on The Land Show radio program and the Southeastern Land Group Blog.

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