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Getting the Right Information to List a WRP Tract

While driving to the Farm Service office in Madison Parish, Louisiana, Pat Porter talks about the information he needs to acquire from the National Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) to properly market a Wetlands Reserve Program (WRP) land tract.

One of the RecLand Realty land agents listed really some nice Louisiana hunting land for sale in the Northeast area of the state. The 400 +/- acre tract is enrolled in the WRP program, one of the many programs offered by the United Sates Department of Agriculture (USDA). This particular property was put into the program to convert it back to natural wetlands for wildlife habitat.

RecLand Realty is looking forward to getting this property on the market and Pat is on his way to the Farm Service office to obtain information brokers and agents need in their arsenal of information when marketing WRP land for sale, like:

1) Are the WRP acres a permanent easement or 30-year easement?

2) Secure an “as-built” survey map of the tract, as it was completed in the WRP program. The map will shows things like portions devoted to the planting of trees, which portions were left as food plot areas, where established roads and trails were made, and where water control structures are located on shallow water areas.

The “as-built” map is a good piece of information to give to prospective buyers. It helps to establish facts such as:

  • Is the tract really going to work well for duck hunting?
  • Does it have good interior access?
  • Are there enough food plots?
  • Are there any surrounding acres, outside of designated WRP, that would be suitable for building a camp?
  • What improvements and potential uses exist that do not fall under the restrictive nature of WRP?

This short video provides some additional insight into WRP properties. If a land agent wants to do their best work, they will gather all the relevant information to communicate to potential buyers.

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About the author

Pat Porter

Pat is the broker for RecLand Realty. We specialize in selling hunting land, timberland & farms in LA, AR, MS & TX. RecLand Talks is the video blog for RecLand Realty, the Duck Commander & Buck Commander Endorsed Land Broker. See their company website at or our video blog at

My wife, three boys and I are land owners and enjoy hunting, shooting and an outdoor lifestyle. We live in northeast Louisiana and are in the woods somewhere several times a week.

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