Owning Land

Improving Your Land

Improving Your Land

Landowners can use a wide range of strategies to add value to their land. These improvements can attract an additional market of potential buyers, provide income or accelerate the purchase of their land for sale.

Good roads or easements increase the attractiveness of a property. Difficult or no access is a red flag to any buyer. Utility lines, if not previously in place, can add 10-20 percent value. Ensuring your land has quality drainage is also a great investment for any landowner. Structures, such as a cabin or outbuildings, can also be of value depending on the type of buyer you are trying to attract. Marketable timber or a wildlife habitat are examples of how you can utilize trees to add value.

Foliage, native or otherwise, can prove to be exceptionally valuable. Fruit and nut trees, various grasses and shrubs will not only produce food, but cover for wildlife as well. Removing noxious weeds is a critical step in this process. Aerial spraying, localized insect repellents and removal of infested or dead/dying trees are effective methods of ensuring your land remains safe for all.

The ability to identify wild plants is of great benefit when establishing food plots on your hunting land. Field guides, conservation agencies, county agricultural offices and the Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS) are exceptional resources should you need assistance. Variety and quantity are important to keep in mind as diets differ depending on wildlife. Deer, for example, may eat up to six pounds of food per hundred pounds of body weight.

The addition of a water source can benefit your property in a number of ways. A pond can be used for irrigation or watering livestock and can also create an aquaculture for fish, birds and other wildlife. It will also greatly improve the aesthetics of your land. Some considerations regarding live water are what function it will serve, whether the land and soil are suitable and making sure to consult professionals to ensure proper construction.

Land improvement opportunities are numerous, but in order to maximize their value it takes research, planning, strategy and investment. Done properly, improving your land can pay dividends for generations to come.

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