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LANDTHINK Making an Impact

LANDTHINK Making an Impact

Last week I, along with fellow LANDTHINK Contributors Jonathan Goode and Randall Upchurch had the opportunity to attend a RLI course at Mt. Cheaha State Park in Delta, Alabama called “Timberland: Identifying and Evaluating Timberland as an Investment”. Rick Taylor, a forester and broker from Mississippi wrote and taught the course. There were many agents in attendance and some had come from as far away as New Mexico and the Midwest States to complete the course.

The scope of the course was to help us understand forest investment through instruction in basic forestry principals and financial principals. For anyone who has not taken this course, I highly recommend it if your business involves marketing timberland. Rick has a great understanding of southern timberlands, and is very willing to share his knowledge and experience with class participants.

The course lasted two days, and there were multiple references to LANDTHINK throughout both days. Everyone there knew Jonathan Goode was a contributor and complemented him on his work. I think all that notoriety was for Jonathan’s article on “The P Factor in Rural Land”… it could not have anything to do with his informative and useful articles there… I digress. I even heard agents tell of using information from LANDTHINK to market their services and their properties. Rick made multiple verbal references to LANDTHINK during the course, and encouraged the brokers there to use the site. What struck me most was finding a LANDTHINK article referenced in the course materials. So, LANDTHINK is making an impact in the world of land marketing. It seems this blogging thing is even catching on with late adopters these days.

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Robert King

Robert is a Land Agent with Southeastern Land Group. He specializes in helping buyers and sellers of farms, poultry operations, and timberland throughout Alabama and Georgia. Robert is a regular contributor on The Land Show radio program and the Southeastern Land Group Blog.


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  • Never underestimate the P factor in selling rural land Robert.

    Rick Taylor did an exceptional job. I walked out of this course excited about marketing and helping buyers invest in timber land. I would also recommend this course, and would probably take it again if Rick offered it.

    Randall Upchurch was highly distracted as he sat next to me at the course however because he was focused on the 4 closings he had the next day. I need to get him to teach me a few things too.

  • Regarding the “P” Factor…it is really amazing how many times I hear that when talking to the recreational or homesite buyer. More often than not, when I get a guy to loosen up a bit, they make some form of reference. Maybe we should add that as an amenity option in our listing profiles…this property has the “P” factor!

    Randall and I are working on two listings right now using some of the information learned at the class.

  • The class was very educational! I have been able to apply many of the items learned to listings and buyers. It gives you a whole new prospective on selling timberland especially Pine Plantations.
    There are many opportunities to practice what we learned in our home area. Robert King has some very good listings on pine plantations in a several county area. I think these tools will help me to educate my buyers on the value of the timber and management.

  • Robert, as a forester and land broker, I am thrilled that you enjoyed the RLI forestry class. I am a RLI candidate member, and one of my requirements is to write a white paper on timberland investments. I wrote it to assist RLI real estate professionals in understanding what timberland can do for their clients. It is aimed for the smaller landowner/investor who does not have the resources of a major investment firm. I will be submitting a finished draft to RLI tomorrow, and if they like it, they might publish it. Meanwhile, I will be happy to send you an advanced copy. I would appreciate any feedback you might have.

  • Sounds great! I too am working on my ALC designation hope to meet you in a class soon. Good article, I think Landthink is making all of us better professionals.

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