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LANDTHINK Pulse: Land Buyers are Very Likely to Hire a Real Estate Agent

LANDTHINK Pulse: Land Buyers are Very Likely to Hire a Real Estate Agent

May’s LANDTHINK Pulse revealed 42.9% of buyers were VERY LIKELY to hire a real estate agent for their next land investment. For buyers contemplating a land investment, hiring a licensed agent with experience in land sales can help ensure a smooth, successful transaction. Land transactions are more complicated than residential transactions, and an agent is committed to protecting the buyers’ interest while adhering to a strict code of ethics.

Last month, the May Pulse asked: How likely are you to hire the services of a real estate agent for your next land investment? Our informal online survey indicated that 42.9% of buyers said they were VERY LIKELY to hire a real estate agent for their next land purchase. Coming in second, 25.9% of those responding said they were LIKELY to hire a real estate agent for their next land investment.

It’s always advisable to secure the services of a real estate agent when making a purchase. A land agent will use their extensive knowledge of the area and current market conditions to help clients narrow down the list of potential properties, negotiate the best price, and handle the large amount of paperwork involved from contract through closing. An agent’s ultimate success is dependent on establishing reputation, building relationships and gaining referrals. A good one will be there for their clients long after closing should any issues arise, and remain in contact with them in the event they need to the services of an agent again in the future.

Here’s a breakdown of the overall results:

LANDTHINK Pulse: Land Buyers are Very Likely to Hire a Real Estate Agent

  • 42.9% Very Likely
  • 25.9% Likely
  • 15.1% Unlikely
  • 16% Very Unlikely

Congratulations to Jerry Burnett, winner of the $50 Amazon gift card after answering the May Pulse question! Jerry is a REALTOR® with the The Property Exchange in Cheyenne, Wyoming.

Thank you to everyone who participated and shared the Pulse with friends and connections in the land industry.

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