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LANDTHINK Pulse: Water Feature Thought to be the Most Desirable Property Characteristic

LANDTHINK Pulse: Water Feature Thought to be the Most Desirable Property Characteristic

Last month, we posed the question to our audience: What improvement or feature do you think land buyers consider most desirable when purchasing land? LANDTHINK.com, an authoritative online resource for advice, knowledge, opinions and trends related to land, is pleased to announce the July Pulse results. Our informal online survey revealed that a water feature (creek, river, pond, lake, etc.) was believed to be the most desirable feature when purchasing land. When it comes to real estate, we all know that nothing beats location, but apparently the existence of a distinctive water feature is a principal motivating factor when buying land. The results seem logical; a water feature is a physical characteristic of property that adds both value and enjoyment for a buyer. A whopping 38.2% of respondents felt that a water feature was the key property attribute land buyers found most appealing when purchasing land.

LANDTHINK subscribers, fans, followers and land industry professionals across the country voiced their opinion, and the number of participants in the July Pulse nearly doubled from the previous month. Here’s a breakdown of the overall results:

LANDTHINK Pulse: Water Feature Thought to be the Most Desirable Property Characteristic

  • 38.2% said a WATER FEATURE (creek, river, pond, lake, etc.) was most desirable
  • 22.8% said ROAD FRONTAGE was most desirable
  • 11.8% said MUNICIPAL or WELL WATER was most desirable
  • 11.2% said ELECTRICITY was most desirable
  • 7.1% said an INTERNAL ROAD SYSTEM was most desirable
  • 4.1% said a DWELLING or CABIN was most desirable
  • 2.1% said STRUCTURES or BARN was most desirable
  • 1.5% said WILDLIFE IMPROVEMENTS (food plots, deer stands, etc.) was most desirable
  • 1.2% said FENCING and GATES were most desirable

Beginning last May, LANDTHINK.com has asked for participation in a series of questions, the LANDTHINK Pulse. Each month, we ask one, straightforward question, in an effort to gather interesting insight into the current land real estate market. We at LANDTHINK would like to say “thank you” to everyone for participating, and for sharing the Pulse with your friends and connections.

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