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Get together. Get land smart!

LANDTHINK Summit 2010

Get together. Get Land Smart!

At, our readers are constantly asking and debating about whether or not it’s the right time to sell or invest in land. The answers vary for different reasons – depending on the type of investor, his/her experience, geographical location of the land, and many more. So, we decided to host a summit where land industry experts, as well as potential investors, and individuals and companies who own, sell, and invest in land could come together to discuss industry topics or just “Get Land Smart”.

The LANDTHINK Summit is hosted by, the leading online resource for land investors and sellers to learn about and discuss the various aspects of land investing, selling, ownership, and trends. The Summit brings together industry experts, potential investors, and individuals and companies who own, sell, and invest in land. The Summit will feature a variety of informative sessions covering an array of topics impacting the land industry, including market conditions and trends, recent legislation, conservation, creative financing, land market from a broker’s perspective, the timberland market and more. Summit attendees will gain access to some of the greatest and most valuable resources and thought leaders.

Join us September 30th at the Gwinnett Center in Atlanta, Georgia for a full day of industry education, information and networking with industry experts and thought leaders.

Early bird registration is now available! Get your Smart Pass before August 1st for only $89 and save $50. Save $10 on each additional pass purchased in a group. A wonderful southern style lunch will be served by Proof of the Pudding and raffle prizes will be given throughout the day.

Who Should Attend?

Anyone who has a connection with the land industry in some capacity including: land brokers, auctioneers, investors, sellers, owners, investment firms, REIT and TIMO managers, financiers, attorneys, appraisers, industry experts and real estate professionals will greatly benefit from attending the LANDTHINK Summit.

TOP 10 Reasons to Get Land Smart

LANDTHINK Land Market Survey
Before the Summit, we will survey thousands of land industry professionals, sellers, buyers and investors from across the country. The results of the LANDTHINK Land Market Survey will be revealed at the Summit and will give attendees a comprehensive assessment of the land market including an industry perspective on trends, the land market temperature, what areas are thriving or merely surviving and much more. Only summit attendees will receive the survey results!

Meet the Experts
Land industry experts from across the country will be at the LANDTHINK Summit. Attendees will hear from thought-leaders in the land industry that will help them succeed.

Network with Your Peers
Expand your network by establishing long-term industry relationships. Learn from a diverse group of people who share your interest in the land industry.

Knowledge is Power
Arming yourself with timely and relevant industry information will allow you to take important next steps in the land industry.

Land Legislation: This Land is Your Land. This Land is Our Land.
Laws and regulations are changing constantly. This can affect your bottom line and change how you invest in land. Staying current and up-to-date is crucial for your success in the land industry.

Save Money with a Smart Pass
No need to spend time and money on books and research. Get all the information you need and want at the LANDTHINK Summit. Early bird registration is now available until July 31st.

Get Land Smart
The people who gather at the Summit will help shape the land industry. Join this seasoned community and have a long-term pipeline to some of the most cutting-edge ideas in the land industry.

Industry Perspective
Get perspective from industry leaders about important issues in the land industry such as market conditions and trends, recent legislation, conservation, creative financing, the land market from a broker’s perspective, the timberland market and more.

Get a Plan
Take the knowledge you’ve gained from industry experts and peers, results from the LANDTHINK Land Survey and much more and make a plan for 2011.

Unique Opportunity
The LANDTHINK Summit is the first of its kind in the land industry. From key industry influencers to invaluable results from the LANDTHINK Land Market Survey, this Summit guarantees something beneficial for everyone who attends.

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LANDTHINK is part of the LANDFLIP network of sites and brings together the various components of the land industry and provides knowledge and information to land investors, owners and professionals to create a stronger land marketplace. Get land smart!


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    • Hi Merril. It’s on our agenda to have someone talk about creative financing and the land credit market. Stay tuned!

  • This is something we have interest in participating in as a speaker or exhibitor. We have conflicts with the September timing since it is the middle of our critical construction season. I hope when this conference is a remarkable success you will consider a mid winter conference out west, perhaps in the heart of ranching country. Mid winter is when we are in dialog with the best of our clients who thoroughly plan their strategies.

    We are looking forward to this.

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