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Make Land Improvements That Pay Off at Resale

Whether you’re thinking of selling your land in the next six months or a few years down the road, making improvements with return on investment (ROI) in mind is a smart financial move. The right choice of land improvements can enhance the aesthetics of your property for as long as you own it and offer financial value when you do make the decision to sell.

Land buyers love certainty and hate uncertainty. They can be incredibly creative in coming up with reasons NOT to buy your land. Anything you can do to reduce their uncertainty about the certain features of your property will likely yield a positive ROI.

In this video, Pat Porter, broker at RecLand Realty, explains that landowners should invest only in improvements where they can expect to yield a positive return by making it more appealing to buyers. In some situations, selling land for whatever price it can fetch is the best option.

A good land agent will be able to guide you on whether or not an improvement that you are contemplating will yield a substantially higher selling price, which will recoup double their cost, and/or make the land much easier to sell. If you’re thinking about selling your land and interested in finding out more about what you can do to improve the appearance and resale value of your property, reach out to a local land agent.

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About the author

Pat Porter

Pat is the owner / broker for RecLand Realty. RecLand specializes in selling hunting land, timberland, farms, & ranches in LA, AR, MS, TX, IA, & MO. See their company website at

Pat, his wife, and three boys are land owners and enjoy hunting, shooting, and an outdoor lifestyle. They live in northeast Louisiana and are usually in the woods somewhere several times a week.

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