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While driving back from Texas, Pat Porter shares with us some plans he has in motion that will improve an approximately 160 acre tract of recreational land for sale that is listed with RecLand Realty.

Pat is all for improving raw land, and often suggests it to sellers- but only when it makes sense to do so. How do you know when it makes sense to move forward with land improvements? Consider the following factors:

  1. Will the cost of improvements be spread out over the acres?
  2. Will the seller receive a return on investment at closing? 

Pat has been working with a group of individuals to improve the 160 acre tract. The rural Texas property has some great features that appeal to buyers including a lake, pine plantation, beautiful bottomland, spring-fed creek and great access.

The improvement plan includes:

  • Opening up existing trails and making them wider and easier to get around on with trucks and 4-wheelers, etc. In other words, make the currently inaccessible areas of the property easily accessible.
  • Clean out around the lake, including brush that has been growing along the bank for years.
  • Create a crossing on the spring-fed creek, by bringing in a load of large (3-5 inch) rock. The creek will still run over the rock, but it will be easy to drive across with a 4-wheeler. The rocks will also firm up the banks going in and out of the creek.

The land improvements are expected to cost several thousand dollars, but spread out over 160+ acres, Pat expects the bang for the buck will be huge for the sellers. Once completed, it will be easy to reach food plots, deer stands, and drive a 4-wheeler onto the levy of the lake bank.

Pat often encourages sellers to make improvements to their property if they are getting ready to put it on the market. After spending some time on your property, a land agent can tell you from experience the specific improvements that are likely to make your property sell faster and put more cash in your pocket at the closing table.

If a land agent cannot show the property properly- because certain areas are inaccessible- it might take longer for the property to sell. Would-be buyers should see all the prettiest areas on a property.

Maybe the plans for improvements that Pat has shared today will spark some ideas of your own to put in place on your property.

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About the author

Pat Porter

Pat is the broker for RecLand Realty. We specialize in selling hunting land, timberland & farms in LA, AR, MS & TX. RecLand Talks is the video blog for RecLand Realty, the Duck Commander & Buck Commander Endorsed Land Broker. See their company website at or our video blog at

My wife, three boys and I are land owners and enjoy hunting, shooting and an outdoor lifestyle. We live in northeast Louisiana and are in the woods somewhere several times a week.

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