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PODCAST: Strategies for Smaller Investors in the Timberland Market

A conversation with Curtis Seltzer, Columnist for and Author of How to Be a Dirt-Smart Buyer of Country Property about the success seen by smaller timberland investors. It’s often said that timberland investments are mainly for institutional investors. However, Curtis estimates that small investors (with 15-1000 acres) actually outnumber the larger, institutional parties. For our complete conversation, listen to the podcast Strategies for Smaller Investors in the Timberland Market.

Curtis will lead a pre-conference workshop at the 7th Timberland Investment Summit, being held June 23-25, 2010 in Vancouver, BC, where he will provide investing strategies specifically for smaller investors including what research to conduct before making investments, how to structure the investment, identifying parcels of timberland and avoiding first-purchase surprises.

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  • Curtis,

    Linking your pod cast to our facebook and twitter for our clients. Great interview.

    Thanks for mentioning the other aspects of timberland investment, too. Improving water bodies and offering recreational lodging are interests of many small woodlot owners we talk with.

    I think we will have our British Columbia rep try to connect with you when you are there in June.

    I linked my avatar to our facebook page this time.

  • I looked into the growth of trees and found only one about black walnut. If you want money for your timber -here is the way with only 25 acres of land.
    One acre will support the growth of 90 trees.
    Put loads of black walnuts on the land, husks and all. Let nature take it’s course because nature has a better rate of mortality for a small tree.
    In about 2 years thin them to a desired growth area. Every year after that strip the “trunks” of leaves for about 20′, making the tree get yaller faster with no branches. You’re making veneer. In 35 years the trees will be ready to cut. A non veneer tree will bring $2500. Multiply that by your 25 acres of trees. It’s roughly 5ML. More for veneer minus a % for the logger. What an investment!

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