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Pulse: Citizens Have Right to Sovereign Lifestyle

Pulse: Citizens Have Right to Sovereign Lifestyle

According to October LANDTHINK Pulse results, and overwhelming 96.52% of respondents think that the government should not make off-grid living illegal. In fact, based upon the reaction on social media to this month’s Pulse question, the majority believe the mere thought of our government deeming a sustainable lifestyle “illegal” is outrageous. Sustainable living is a lifestyle that greatly reduces any damage to the Earth’s natural resources. Those who adhere to this lifestyle use few nonrenewable resources- power is produced by solar panels, wind, or by harvesting rainwater, and food is grown organically.

Last month, the October Pulse asked: Should government (local, state or federal) make off-grid living illegal?

There is no question; The LANDTHINK audience believes that in the land of the free, a citizen has the right to live as they wish on their own property. Our informal online survey revealed that 96.52% of those responding said “NO”, the government should not make off-grid living illegal. A mere 3.48% of our audience answered “YES”, off-grid living should be illegal. Most of the U.S. supports the practice of sustainable off-grid living, but recently both Florida and Texas have condemned those choosing to experiment with this unconventional way of living. In 2013, Texas brought in a SWAT team to shut down a sustainable community called “The Garden of Eden Community”, located near Arlington. Despite the fact that the community was completely self-sustainable, each of its members were handcuffed at gunpoint. This past spring, Florida declared off-grid living illegal. Officials there said that under the International Property Maintenance Code, every home must be connected to an electrical grid and be connected to an approved source of running water.

Here are the final results:

October 2014 LANDTHINK Pulse Results

  • 96.52% said NO, government SHOULD NOT make off-grid living illegal
  • 3.48% said YES, government SHOULD make off-grid living illegal

Thank you to everyone who participated and shared the Pulse with friends and connections in the land industry.

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  • Totally agree that self sustaining farms should be encoured not made illegal
    That might even help lower energy consumption in the US and definetly lower our carbon inprint

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