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Education for Land Brokers

Education for Land Brokers

“What do I need to know to get into land brokerage?” I’ve been asked this question a half dozen times over the past 6 weeks. I always recommend that...

Certainty Makes the Sale

Certainty Makes the Sale

In order for a seller to command top dollar for the sale of a property, a buyer must generally be very certain of what they are purchasing. The...

Regulatory Road Blocks

Regulatory Road Blocks

Private landowners are subject to numerous regulations at the federal, state, county, and municipal levels. There are so many various agencies and...

LandThink Making an Impact

LANDTHINK Making an Impact

Last week I, along with fellow LANDTHINK Contributors Jonathan Goode and Randall Upchurch had the opportunity to attend a RLI course at Mt. Cheaha...

The Pulse

Within the next year, which region of the United States do you think will be the “hot spot” for investing in land?


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