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The Benefits of Writing About Land

Benefits of Writing About Land

LANDTHINK graciously awarded me the title of Contributor of the Year for 2012, which I consider an honor. I frequently tell Ryan Folk, LANDTHINK’s founder, that I get all of the good out of writing articles for the website. Contributing articles to LANDTHINK and writing about land on my personal sites has helped my business significantly in 2012.

I am writing this article to share the positive effects that writing has had on my business and as an encouragement for other land professionals to share information about what we do. Making time to write articles or create short informational videos will only serve to help your business. Here are tangible benefits to my business from writing land-related articles.

Increased Name and Brand Recognition

Consistently producing land-related content has helped “plow the road” with people I meet who have read my material. Twice at outdoor shows this year I introduced myself to someone, and they said “I know who you are. I read your articles.” The same thing happens at Alabama RLI events and other places where I have run into land professionals that recognized my name.

A Deciding Factor in Securing New Clients

This year I have been able to secure some new landowner clients. One of the reasons they chose me over other agents they interviewed was because I had a public platform. When interviewing for a potential listing, and if the decision is close, being recognized publicly for being a land professional could be the edge you need to push you over the top. I have been able to list several thousand acres of land in 2012, that I directly attribute to writing articles for

Serves to Educate the Public

One of my stated goals before I got my real estate license was to “influence the land industry as a whole”. I’m not sure my little articles have done that exactly, but there are brokers all across the country that email me about the content they have read and tell me that they shared those articles with their customers and clients. When someone asks to reprint my material, I am happy to let them do it as long as they link back to my site. I get copies of newsletters from 1300 miles away where brokers use  things I have written. We all read to learn something new. Good land-related content educates the clients we serve on a daily basis. Today’s land buyers are much more savvy than they were just 3 years ago. Writing articles for them feeds their curiosity and positions you as the expert.

Allows Me to Have Something “Free” to Give Customers

After meeting with a potential client for the first time, I love to send them links to information that answers questions they had during our conversation. Many landowners or potential buyers have the exact same questions, so an article that addresses their concern really helps put their mind at ease. Giving them this information helps me put one more hook in someone, and creates brand loyalty. My goal is to be their “trusted advisor” and the person they go to for all of their land questions.

Makes Me Money

This year I can attribute about $120,000 in commissions coming through AlaLandCo company-wide due in part to articles written for LANDTHINK. The articles did not sell the land, but they helped get our foot in the door with clients, and ultimately gave us a leg up on our competition. At the end of the day you still have to deliver as an agent. Writing articles doesn’t close deals, but it helps move you forward.

Personal Satisfaction and Fulfillment

One of the main reasons I write is because I find personal satisfaction and gratification in sharing information and resources with others. Connecting people with useful resources is part of my DNA. Writing may seem like drudgery to many people, but it is a creative release for me. I can’t paint, carve, build, or make good music, but this is fun to me. So you get stuck seeing it.

Hopefully these benefits will be the justification you need to take the time to pen your thoughts pertaining to land. If nothing else, boosting your bottom line should be a great motivator. I encourage you to share your expertise and professional insights with the public (unless you sell land in west Alabama). Contact LANDTHINK to find out how you can become a contributor. I look forward to reading your stuff!

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About the author

Jonathan Goode

Jonathan is passionate about helping people buy and sell land. He is an associate broker with Southeastern Land Group, LLC (SELG) and is the Responsible Broker for the company in Mississippi. Jonathan is an Accredited Land Consultant (ALC), working with Southeastern Land Group (AlaLandCo) since 2008, serving Alabama and Mississippi. He is a member of the Alabama and Mississippi chapters of the Realtor’s Land Institute (RLI), and is currently serving as Vice President of the Alabama Chapter. Jonathan specializes in marketing rural properties online, and is a contributor for, writing articles focused on helping people buying and selling rural land.


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