Tips for Taking Quality Wildlife Photos

Tips for Taking Quality Wildlife Photos

Since digital photography made its mark many years ago, it’s becoming easier and easier to take beautiful, high quality photos. Even some cell phones are now able to take stunning pictures. If you’re a hunter, wildlife enthusiast, or even a real estate agent trying to showcase recreational land for sale, taking high quality photos of some of nature’s most beautiful creatures is not only a great way to share your encounters, but it’s also really exciting.

Before we point out some tips for taking the best wildlife photos, it’s important to have the proper equipment. Since you obviously can’t get too close to the animal, a camera that has fast shutter speeds of 1/1000th of a second and a telephoto lens, or a zoom lens with a focal length of 200 mm or higher, is crucial. If you’re using a point-and-shoot camera, use 60x optical zoom. After you have a good camera and lens in place, follow these tips to get the best shot.

Blend in. Wear camouflage or use a hunting hide to blend in and not startle the animals. It is also best to use a quiet shutter or to wrap fabric around the camera to mask any added noise.

Use your light. The best light is generally around dawn. It might be an early morning, but you’ll be thankful when you see your photos with plenty of soft light. Midday light can be harsh and wash out your photos.

Have patience. Wildlife work on their own time so you may have to hang out for hours in order to get the perfect shot. Don’t get discouraged if the right angle, light and animal aren’t lined up perfectly right away.

Baiting not allowed. Not only is baiting an animal ethically wrong, but it can actually negatively impact the animals. Many states also impose fines if they catch you baiting an animal with food.

Get out of your comfort zone. Don’t just use a normal standing or sitting position to get your photo. Sometimes it’s best to find the best angle and that may mean lying on your stomach or back, or climbing in a tree to get a different perspective.

The most important thing you can do is to have fun with it. Remember, you’re in nature’s house with some of the most beautiful creatures on earth, so be respectful.

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