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Ways to Make an Extra Profit on Your Farm

Ways to Make an Extra Profit on Your Farm

Farmers work long, hard hours every single day and sometimes it’s for little money. Whether you have a conventional farming operation or a small hobby farm, the good news is there are many ways you can increase your profit. Here are a few of the easiest ways to make some extra bucks while you’re out in the field.

Sell fresh eggs. Whether you raise chickens, duck or quail, people love fresh eggs. Especially chefs, who use them in their restaurants.

Sell feathers. If you are already selling their eggs, why not add feathers to the list? You can sell feathers to crafty friends who make their own projects. Rooster feathers are extra popular.

Raise worms. Raising worms is eco-friendly and extremely low-maintenance. You can sell them to local bait and tackle shops or sell the compost to use in household gardens.

Bag up the manure. If you don’t use it in your own garden, bag up the manure and sell it to other local gardeners.

Add bees to the farm. Bees pretty much maintain themselves and they provide many profitable and eco-friendly benefits like honey and beeswax that you can sell for extra cash.

Cut and sell wood. If you have a lot of trees on your land that you can part with, consider clearing some of them out and sell it as firewood in the colder months.

Rent out your space. Have an extra building or space in your barn? Rent it out for corporate retreats, weddings or other special events. People will pay a lot of money to have their dream wedding in the country in a barn.

Lease your land. If you have some extra land, consider leasing it to farmers, hunters, fishermen or hikers. You can also use it as a camping site and charge a price per night.

The biggest thing to remember is not to waste. No matter what you are growing, raising or otherwise, use every part of every animal or crop. Not only does it help you earn more money, it saves you from losing money as well.

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  • A great way if appropriate to increase profits in a farm is using cost segregation. Cost segregation which has been approved by Congress brings accelerated depreciation to the farm and by doing so, can shelter additional income which will also lower taxes.

  • The Farmers can Harvest Solar Energy and Convert it to Electricity.

    By using AgriVoltaics (AV) they can do this and still continue to grow food as before…..

    Yes… these US Farmers could even become the new “Global Sheikhs of Energy” and produce ALL THE ENERGY THE WORLD NEEDS IN THE FORM OF AV SOLAR ELECTRICITY ON JUST 1 MILLION KM2 OF 4+ MILLION KM2 OF AGRICULTURAL LAND IN THE USA (not a good idea…) … OR USE ONLY 80,000KM2 TO PROVIDE ALL THE ENERGY (not just existing Electrical Grid Customers… yes.. EV’s, Industry etc.. etc..) … FOR THE WHOLE OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA… NEEDED IN 2050…. IN A 12TW AV SYSTEM PRODUCING 15,000TWhrs/yr…..

    At 5c/KWhr… this is $750 Billion/yr… or $37,500/Acre/yr…. on an Investment of $500,000/Acre.
    After paying “30yr Mortgage, Expenses, etc).. the farmer gets to make ~$10,000/Acre/yr…. plus the farmer continues to farm and possibly grow food year round too (with an enclosed, Greenhouse-like, AV Structure).

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