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Who are the Top Owners and Managers of Timberland in the US?

Who are the Top Owners and Managers of Timberland in the US?

According to Forisk tracking of timberland ownership, 58 firms currently own or manage in excess of 100,000 acres of timberlands in the United States. These firms feature the following descriptive statistics:

  • As a group, they own/manage 57.6 million acres of US timberlands.
  • On average, they own/manage 993,000 acres of US timberlands.
  • The median ownership is 473,000 acres.
  • Assuming a conservative average per acre value of $1,500, each firm owns or manages on average $1.49 billion in timberland assets.

The top 20 timberland owners as of 2011 are listed below:

Who are the Top Owners and Managers of Timberland in the US?

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Brooks Mendell, Ph.D.

Brooks Mendell, Ph.D. is President and Founder of Forisk Consulting, a forest industry, timber REIT, bioenergy and timber market research firm. Dr. Mendell has over fifteen years of operating, research, and consulting experience in forest business and finance. Mendell has published over sixty articles and two books on topics related to timber and timberland REITs and markets, forest business management and operations, and communication skills.

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