You Wouldn’t Like it Here

As the title of a popular book by Lon L. Emrick about Michigan’s Upper Peninsula states, You Wouldn’t Like it Here. Though I whole-heartedly disagree with that title, there are many truths to his point. The fact is that most folks really wouldn’t like it in the remote regions of the UP. We get more snow than most folks can imagine, summer only lasts a week or so, the bugs are horrible, and everyone up here talks funny. If any of those things really bother you, don’t even try to live here, or own recreational acreage for that matter. The UP is not for the city dwellers, folks accustomed to lattes, trend setting stylish types, and folks without a belly… and therefore not able to ‘belly up’ at a local bar… most likely playing country music. The UP is place where all of those things do not matter like they do in a city. Two minutes from town you can be lost in the woods. Lattes… what is a latte? Trend setting clothing is based on how many tears you have in your flannel. And… well, bellies are more of a badge of honor in these parts of the woods.

The point is that the remote regions of the UP are a truly unique part of the country where one can truly be themselves. The wealthy merge with the needy and at times not even the life long locals can tell them apart. You do not need to spend all morning in the shower before you head to town for a nice dinner. That is if you even decided to install a shower in your camp, most folks round here sauna instead.  That brings me to another point, it’s “sahh-oooooo-nah” – not sauna.  In fact, that is one of the easiest ways to spot a tourist – if they don’t pronounce the word sauna as if they were an old fashioned car horn.

If you love the woods, nature, paddling, hunting, fishing, exploring, bird watching, moose spotting, relaxing, and just plain being yourself; you will absolutely love it up here… that is if you can deal with a little bit of snow, bugs, and the funny accents.

If the UP sounds like a place where you could hone your outdoor skills, chop wood for the wood stove, catch dinner, or just sit with your significant other and watch the stars like you’ve never seen them; now really could be one of the best times in recent history to make your move. Dealing in the remote land business, I constantly hear the old timers brag about the ridiculous deals they got way back when. I hear the younger old timers tell me they sure wish they’d have bought a forty when the prices were dirt cheap through the late 80s. I hear all the regrets from all sorts of folks… except from a very select group of folks that realize this (right now) is one of those times everyone will look back on a say “would’ve, should’ve, could’ve”. Now, I know what you are going to say – of course he’s telling us to buy land in the UP… he’s a real estate agent. Well, maybe your right, but I call ‘em like I see ‘em, and that’s my honest opinion.  And hey, you really wouldn’t like it here anyway…

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