LANDFLIP Expands Farm Credit Affiliations, Adding FCS Financial

LANDFLIP Expands Farm Credit Affiliations, Adding FCS Financial

LANDFLIP, the premier online land for sale marketplace for connecting land buyers and sellers, announced today that it has forged a new affiliation with FCS Financial, adding an additional resource for Missouri residents and those buying property in one of their 102 eligible counties, to finance land. FCS Financial is a member of the Farm Credit System, providing loans, leases and related services to farmers, ranchers, rural homeowners, aquatic producers, timber harvesters, agribusinesses, and agricultural cooperatives. LANDFLIP is now aligned with independent Farm Credit lending institutions covering Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina and Missouri.

David Janish, FCS Financial CEO, commented on the new affiliation, “The FCS Financial team is excited to work with LANDFLIP and help put more people on their dream properties. For more than 100 years, we have been helping people finance rural land. Everything from a handful of acres to thousands, FCS Financial has the experience and knowledge to make the finance process less stressful. Now finding the land and a financial team is easier than ever.”

For over a decade, LANDFLIP has been innovating the way people buy and sell land online. In 2018, LANDFLIP created an expedited and seamless way for the thousands of motivated buyers who visit their network to connect with a lender early in the search for land online. LANDFLIP built tools to facilitate interaction between buyers and lenders and joined forces with seven Farm Credit institutions throughout the Southeast.

“The events of the last year and a half put a magnifying glass on everyone’s living situation,” said Tate Reddick, Vice President of LANDFLIP. “There’s been a back-to-the-land movement happening, and land inventory has shrunk, resulting in a fierce seller’s market. Buyers need to be ready to proceed and move quickly when they find land for sale they want to purchase.”

Farm Credit institutions provide loans and financial services for farmers and residents of rural communities, financing farms, country homes, equipment, buildings, land, livestock, ag-related operating expenses and more. With 21 office locations, FCS Financial provides their customers with a diverse range of products and services to help them succeed in Missouri agriculture.

“The team at FCS Financial understands the ins and outs of buying rural property,” said Rob Guinn, FCS Financial Chief Marketplace Officer. “Not only do they finance these properties every day but they live in the same rural towns. The affiliation with LANDFLIP will help many make the dream of land ownership a reality by connecting buyers and lenders.”

Tate Reddick is confident that building on the existing lineup of Farm Credit institutions, with their commendable reputation as a dependable source of financing, will be beneficial for buyers across the country as demand for all types of land continue to rise at a healthy pace. Buyers are interested in rural acreage so they can have more outdoor space as well as hobby farms and ranches, where they can get back to the basics. Bottomline, buying interest for land in general is up.

“We’re incredibly proud of the tools and technologies we’ve created, allowing for increased accessibility between buyers and lenders. We are excited to continue expanding our relationship with the Farm Credit System. Helping LANDFLIP buyers that are seeking financing is a great service for our customers and our industry” said Reddick.

The LANDFLIP NETWORK delivers sought after land directly to buyers based on their specific set of preferences. The tools they have built will spark buyers to connect with a local Farm Credit institution to outline their financial situation and determine if their dream of land ownership can become a reality sooner than they thought.


The LANDFLIP NETWORK is currently comprised of LANDFLIP and its five complementary land for sale websites, FARMFLIP, RANCHFLIP, LOTFLIP, AUCTIONFLIP, COMMERCIALFLIP and LANDTHINK, which provides land-focused knowledge and advice to land professionals, buyers and enthusiasts. Founded in 2004 and headquartered in Madison, Georgia, the LANDFLIP NETWORK offers an easy and affordable way to list, market and search for land online. Working together, these land-centric real estate websites create a stronger land community, closing the gap between buyers and sellers and laying the groundwork for more successful land transactions. For more information, please visit

About FCS Financial

FCS Financial is a member of the Farm Credit System. The system is a nationwide network of cooperative lending institutions that provides credit and financial services to farmers, ranchers, rural residents and agribusinesses. With more than 100 years of agricultural lending experience, the Farm Credit System is the largest single provider of agricultural credit in the United States. FCS Financial serves 102 counties in Missouri through 21 office locations.

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