Robust Land Market Propels LANDFLIP to Record Growth

Robust Land Market Propels LANDFLIP to Record Growth

LANDFLIP, the premier online land for sale marketplace for connecting land buyers and sellers, experienced record growth in the first half of 2020 and the company continues to experience an acceleration in traffic across the LANDFLIP NETWORK, comprised of LANDFLIP and its five complementary land for sale websites, FARMFLIP, RANCHFLIP, LOTFLIP, AUCTIONFLIP, COMMERCIALFLIP.

As an example of how much buyer interest in rural land for sale has increased, overall network traffic has doubled since January, page views have increased 100%, buyer leads have tripled, and new buyer profiles are through the roof with a 400% increase.

Listen as LANDFLIP Founder Ryan Folk discusses the surging land market on The Land Show.

A global pandemic, contracted economy, and civil unrest hasn’t blunted buyers’ appetite for rural land. The perfect storm of factors has prompted scared city dwellers to seek refuge in small towns and rural areas across America. If nothing else, the coronavirus outbreak has emphasized that life can change very quickly and very unpredictably. Land provides safety and security in uncertain times; having a defensible space, where you can live comfortably and self-sufficiently is of growing interest.

Since the shutdown began around March 15, “farmland” and “off-grid” have been the most searched keywords on the LANDFLIP NETWORK, and the most viewed properties are 100 acres or less.

“Whether it’s for an investment, social distancing, or the safety of one’s family, the amount of people looking for rural land right now is astounding,” said LANDFLIP Founder Ryan Folk. “We are at the dawn of what I’ve heard referred to as ‘the repopulation of rural America’. People are rethinking and reconfiguring their homesteads to incorporate homeschooling, working from home, and living off the land.”

Additionally, rising tensions are causing investors to look for safer places to park their wealth. Typically hard assets are an excellent hedge against inflation, meaning their value rises as the general price levels for goods and services increases (known as Consumer Price Index or CPI).

Long before COVID-19, the LANDFLIP NETWORK has been steadily gaining momentum among buyers and sellers. Founded in 2004 and privately owned and operated by former land brokers, LANDFLIP has grown 50% year-over-year for the last two years. Ryan Folk expects the growth rate to continue through the remainder of 2020 and beyond and says they are continuing to invest heavily in their cloud infrastructure to support near-to-long term growth.

LANDFLIP expects the buying frenzy to continue in the land real estate market, and be further strengthened by a resilient economy, wage growth and low interest rates.


“Where the buyers are, the sellers will follow, and we’ve got the stats to prove it. The growth we’ve seen at LANDFLIP since March has been staggering. Real estate, like other industries, is also experiencing an acceleration in technology adoption, as people move their shopping habits from offline to online,” said Folk. “LANDFLIP’s ongoing site optimization efforts provide buyers with the resources and information they need to make a sound purchase decision, and presents best-in-class land agents with the opportunity to reach a broader audience.”

There is no better time than now to sell your land. LANDFLIP offers several listing plans to choose from with great features, affordable pricing, and a clean, intuitive dashboard interface for sellers to easily manage their listings, activity, and performance analytics. Land brokers who want to take advantage of the traffic and increase their lead count can benefit from LANDFLIP’s digital marketing solutions and extras that will help you stand out from the crowd. Contact LANDFLIP to learn more about advertising opportunities.

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