LANDFLIP Year in Review: Growth, Partnerships and Innovation that Defined 2018

LANDFLIP Year in Review: Growth, Partnerships and Innovation that Defined 2018

Looking back on 2018, LANDFLIP had a lot to celebrate. They say looking forward is much better than looking backward; however, this past year has been a momentous one for LANDTHINK’s founding company, and we wanted to share some of the news and innovations that have contributed to another year of growth and improvements. There are many things we could highlight, but in the interest of keeping things brief, here are a few that we’ve chosen:


LANDFLIP killed it in 2018, with steady customer and traffic growth throughout the year. Implementing new features, growing our network of sites, and forming new partnerships allowed us to keep our competitive edge. Over the last year, our traffic grew 50%, buyer profiles increased 45%, we saw a 65% increase in listings, and customers grew by 120%, cementing our status as the industry-leading land marketing platform. We added some of the best land brokerages in the industry. As we step into 2019, we’re excited to see our customers continue thriving and growing their business leveraging the LANDFLIP network of sites.

The 50% increase in traffic this past year is a fundamental measurement of the LANDFLIP NETWORK’s reach and growth. Whether finding our network for the first time or a repeat visitor, more buyers are choosing the LANDFLIP NETWORK. For a land broker, that means more eyes on your land listings.

Why are land professionals choosing LANDFLIP?

When the LANDFLIP NETWORK was relaunched in 2016, it was the beginning of the online land listing revolution- built by land agents, for land agents. We introduced more listing plans to choose from with great features and affordable pricing, and a new dashboard interface for sellers to easily manage their listings, activity, and performance analytics.

LANDFLIP is the only top-tier network of sites still privately owned and operated by former land brokers, and we get it. Since 2004, LANDFLIP has remained laser-focused on customers and the betterment of the land industry as a whole. When a customer calls, one of the owners answers the phone. We listen to the voices of professionals across the land industry- including the customers we don’t have yet- and respond to their evolving needs.

Strategic Partnerships & Alliances

LANDFLIP places an extremely high value on our relationships, partnerships and alliances. Last year, we formed new partnerships with some of the largest, most respected leaders in the land industry, including Southeastern Land Group and American Forest Management. We also announced a new strategic partnership with United Country Real Estate, the largest fully integrated network of land real estate and auction professionals. Utilizing LANDFLIP’s network of websites to market their unequaled inventory of properties will drive significant additional exposure to United Country Real Estate agents’ and auctioneers’ listings, strengthening their position as the leading lifestyle real estate company.

An affiliation was also forged in 2018 between LANDFLIP and seven independent Farm Credit lending institutions covering Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Mississippi and Louisiana. With newly built tools, we created an expedited and seamless way for the thousands of motivated buyers to connect with a lender early in their search for land online.

To round out the year, we announced our integration with REALSTACK, a digital marketing and software firm serving the land and outdoor lifestyle industries. The partnership brought together two like-minded companies with similar business philosophies, both founded by developers who get the land business and have brought unprecedented innovation and technology to the industry.


Quite possibly the most exciting thing to happen at LANDFLIP in 2018 was the launch of our fifth complementary website, COMMERCIALFLIP. COMMERCIALFLIP is a specialty website for finding and advertising rural to urban commercial property across the U.S. and internationally. Prior to COMMERCIALFLIP, most commercial platforms focused on urban or metropolitan areas. With its launch came, for the first time, a specialized marketplace for the real estate industry to showcase commercial properties for sale, auction, for sale by owner, or lease in rural and urban areas that are interspersed across the nation. COMMERCIALFLIP offers a streamlined approach to connect buyers with sellers of commercial properties, including industrial and manufacturing properties, hotels, motels, bed & breakfasts, small businesses, retail shops, apartments, restaurants, convenience stores, and other similar property types. In the near future, there will be significant enhancements made to include commercial-specific search capabilities.


None of our successes in 2018 would have been possible without the support of our customers- both the new ones and the ones who have been with us from the beginning- and our advertisers, partners, Pulse sponsors, and LANDTHINK contributors. From the LANDFLIP team, “thank you” for the continued trust you place in us throughout the year. We like to say, invest in us and we will invest it in you. At LANDFLIP, we’re humbled and honored to be able to work closely with some of the best agents and brokers in the industry. It’s our goal to keep devising ways to help promote and further the growth of the land industry.

Lastly, we’re thankful for our team and the work we accomplished together this past year. 2018 was a solid year and we believe we have a firm footing to make even greater strides as a company in 2019.

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