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LANDTHINK Pulse: A New Administration Thought to have Bullish Effect on Land Real Estate Market

LANDTHINK Pulse: A New Administration Thought to have Bullish Effect on Land Real Estate Market

Last month, we posed the following question to our audience: If Mitt Romney is elected President, what effect will his policies have on the LAND real estate market? LANDTHINK.com, an authoritative online resource for advice, knowledge, opinions and trends related to land, is pleased to announce the results. As the November election looms, our informal online survey revealed that 57.5% of our audience believe that Mitt Romney’s policies would initiate an upward trend in the land real estate market. As a matter of course, all election years impact the overall market, as buyers and sellers cautiously wait to see what’s in store before taking action.

LANDTHINK subscribers, fans, followers and land industry professionals across the country voiced their opinion regarding Presidential Election 2012:

LANDTHINK Pulse: A New Administration Thought to have Bullish Effect on Land Real Estate Market

  • 57.5% said if Mitt Romney was elected, his policies would have a BULLISH effect on the LAND market
  • 28.9 % said if Mitt Romney was elected, his policies would have a NEUTRAL effect on the LAND market
  • 13.6% said if Mitt Romney was elected, his policies would have a BEARISH effect on the LAND market

Beginning last May, LANDTHINK.com has asked for participation in a series of questions, the LANDTHINK Pulse. Each month, we ask one, straightforward question, in an effort to gather interesting insight into the current land real estate market. The LANDTHINK staff would like to extend a huge “thank you” to everyone who participated and shared the Pulse with friends and connections in the land industry. We received a tremendous number of responses last month, the most ever since we launched the survey last May!

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  • This reflects a topic of conversation that I participate in regularly with buyers and sellers alike. Most bring it up tentatively, and ask how I expect the election to change the market. Some give their opinion that they hope the results of the election will help the market…Very few come outright and say the defeat of President Obama will help the market, but that’s the general undertone of what is being thought and communicated to me.

    Personally, I think the course of the US Senate will ultimately have more effect on the land market. Romney’s still got an uphill battle getting anything through Congress if the Senate is still controlled by the Democrats. The US House has shown it’s ability to resist most of Democratic initiatives. (Not all).

    Long-term solutions to our nations debt will have greater positive effect on our markets than which side holds any one political office

  • It’s befuddling how easily the status quo of an entire market can be pinned on a presidency. For instance, while some thought Obama’s reelection might have been bad for real estate market, others thought he would have a positive effect upon the stock market. Indeed he did; the S&P gained 76% within a few months of his retaking office. Coincidence or merely our collective perceptions of what good/bad Obama can brandish upon markets?

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