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Meeting With NRCS to Make Plans on a WRP Tract

Pat Porter, Broker/Owner of RecLand Realty, talks about his meeting – before and after – with the National Resource Conservation Service (NRCS). The purpose of the meeting was to finalize plans to install four water control structures on approximately 900 acres of a large recreational tract in Tensas Parish, Louisiana. The 900 acres consists of mature bottomland hardwood enrolled in the Wetlands Reserve Program (WRP) program. Migratory waterfowl rely on the wetlands habitat for nesting, breeding, feeding and resting. Installation of water control structures would help enhance the function of the wetlands and better control the water.

The water level of the impoundment would be controlled by the use of flashboard risers to keep the water at a certain depth during specific times of the year. The removal of boards would allow water to drain; replacing them would keep water within the impoundment. Installation and implementation of the water control structures on this particular property hinged on prior survey work that had been completed. In this case, the survey lacked the in-depth data such as property elevations, which were critical to the project. Pat’s video provides some insight into the variables and considerations landowners must tackle when enrolling a property in WRP.

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Pat Porter

Pat is the broker for RecLand Realty. We specialize in selling hunting land, timberland & farms in LA, AR, MS & TX. RecLand Talks is the video blog for RecLand Realty, the Duck Commander & Buck Commander Endorsed Land Broker. See their company website at RecLand.net or our video blog at RecLandTalks.com.

My wife, three boys and I are land owners and enjoy hunting, shooting and an outdoor lifestyle. We live in northeast Louisiana and are in the woods somewhere several times a week.

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